About Us



 Papilio MD provides stalwart billing and coding medical reimbursement consultancy services, specifically, designed for prestigious medical practice clients. Papilio MD is climbing the summit by helping medical professionals spawn medical practices to operate more efficiently. We allow the clinician to outsource their insurance processing and medical billing to specialist reimbursement service providers, saving them time, but, also increasing their revenue and other critical resources.

Our firm is motivated to provide premier billing, coding services, certified medical billing and medical coding education. As a licensed AAPC Education Partner, our career training program pivots on providing students with Best-in-Class Education in the healthcare industry.  Papilio MD is owned and operated by professional AMBA Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist's (American Medical Billing Association), as well as, AAPC Certified Coding Instructor's (American Academy of Professional Coder's). 



Papilio MD intends to provide the most innovated, strategic, and tailored solutions which escalate reimbursement and build a strong partnership with our clients. 

Providing with the best client's support programs acknowledging the entire question and providing with coding advises in most common and easy to understand fashion.

Delivering customized and problem-specific solutions to our clients.

Building trust and standing by the service that we provide.  




Aspire to provide our clients with integrated services for all the top medical practice executive functions, growth and expand with our quality services.